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Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport | izi.TRAVEL

Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport

The Cultural Affairs Chief Directorate provides services related to culture, heritage, arts, museums, language, libraries and archives. It is also closely affiliated with a number of public entities and cultural institutions. The objectives of Cultural Affairs are:

  • To educate and empower communities to identify, conserve and develop heritage resources in a sustainable manner.
  • To increase citizen involvement (especially the youth, women and people with disabilities) in arts, culture and heritage programmes.
  • To make sure that our collections and exhibitions reflect the diversity and inclusive history of the people of the Western Cape.
  • To promote multi-lingualism in the Western Cape.
  • To render a public library service in partnership with other spheres of government through providing educational, informational and recreational library material and providing free access to suitable library facilities.
  • To have a relevant and professional archive service.

The Western Cape Museum Service aims to promote respect for cultural diversity in South Africa and appreciation of our natural heritage. There are 28 museums in the Western Cape. Each of these museums develops and promotes collections, exhibitions and programmes for educational purposes and the public interest. The service's objectives are:

  • To establish, upgrade and maintain museum infrastructure
  • To facilitate access to museum facilities and programmes
  • To achieve international standards in collections care and management
  • To transform museum content and museum exhibitions
  • To entrench quality education services for schools and provide opportunities for lifelong learning for all
  • To ensure service excellence at museums in the major centres
Western Cape Government

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