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Workshop Presentations

ICOM-SA, ICOM ICEE & SAMA Joint Workshop

Exhibition Exchange Futures for South Africa

16 November 2015

Carina Jaatinen, ICEE Chairperson and Head of Exhibitions, Espoo City Museum: ICEE and the exhibition exchange - experiences and current trends

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Peter Elsässer, CEO MuseumsPartner: The business of exchange: Benefits and Stumbling Blocks

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Exhibition exchange in South African museums – past experiences and future opportunities.

Discussion to analyse past experiences, current and future projects in order to initiate a process that may culminate in the establishment of an ICOM facilitated grouping of persons and organisations to actively promote and facilitate exhibition exchanges locally and internationally.

Discussion facilitated by Laura Robinson, Director Cape Town Heritage Trust, ICOMOS International

Introductory talks by:

Helene Vollgraaff (ICOM-SA) and Catherine Snel (SAMA): The South African Museum Sector

To download - click here (Format: PDF, size: 780kb)

Marilyn Martin, Independent curator and Senior Scholar Michaelis School of Fine Art: Against the odds – exhibition exchange in South African art museums, a case study or two.

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Christopher Till, Director S.A. Apartheid Museum: The Apartheid Museum’s experience in exhibition development and exchange in South Africa

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Mahunele Thotse, Deputy Director Heritage Promotion, Department of Arts and Culture: Lessons learned from the Bridging Ages Programme

To download - click here (Format: PDF, size: 4.4mb)

Chrischene Julius, Collections Manager, District Six Museum: Defining equal partnerships during exhibition exchanges

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Charlene Houston, Deputy Director Museum Services, Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport: Potential role of government to support exhibition exchange programmes

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